Quality razors engineered and manufactured in Germany.

  • Gothic Arch blade technology for smooth skin and a long-lasting effect
  • Soothing Aloe strip with Vitamin E

Xenon 5S and Vanity 5S

5s men turquoise

 5 Blade Cartridge, Turquoise
Chrome/turquoise/green handle

5S XL Mens Grooming

5 Blade XL Cartridge, Turquoise
Chrome/turquoise handle

Xenon 5 S disposable

Xenon 5 S Vanity

5s lady violet

5 Blade Cartridge, Purple
White/Purple handle

5s lady pink

 5 Blade Cartridge White
Pink handle

Vanity 5S XL

5S XL Ladys Grooming

 5 Blade Cartridge, Purple
White/purple handle

Handle design “Korea”